Colt’s New Journey With Wink: A Mother’s Story

A woman with her son sit on a sofa with their yellow lab service dogShannon Cogan is an anchor at WAVE News Sunrise in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also a mother to Colt Cogan, our client who graduated with Canine Companions Service Dog Wink three years ago. She has witnessed, first-hand, how much Wink has made a difference in her son’s life.

At mere two days old, Colt had open heart surgery to repair a heart defect, and at four weeks old, he experienced a cardiac arrest. This incident led him to experience balance issues and some physical limitations, including hearing loss and speech delays.

As a parent, Shannon wanted to do anything she can to make Colt’s life better. Providing Service Dog Wink from Canine Companions for him tops the list.

“My favorite things about Wink …she helps me with exercises, and she keeps me company and she’s my best friend,” Colt says. Because of Wink, he takes more walks to build his mobility strength, and she calms him when he encounters frustrating situations.

Wink is a friend who cares more about Colt than she does herself.

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