Puppy Raising Spotlight: Nick Morgan

A young man holding a black lab puppy in a yellow puppy vest, standing on a college campus next to a young womanOn first impression, Nick Morgan looks like your typical Clemson University student. He has his backpack handy and often wears Clemson “orange” in a show of pride for the South Carolina college.

But, what makes Nick stand out from other students is Enzo, a Canine Companions puppy. Enzo is by his side, listening to his every word and following his tasks.

College campuses can be great places to train and socialize puppies. As a volunteer puppy raiser, Nick takes Enzo to many places, allowing him to socialize with strangers, attend classes, walk amid crowds and become familiar with the world around him.

Enzo is the first – but he won’t be the last – to be trained by students at Clemson University through the STEP@Clemson puppy raising club. Nick, along with co-president Ashleigh Binz, founded the club, which offers unique activities for Clemson students.

“Our members are enthusiastic and want to make a difference,” says Nick. “They know how much time and effort it takes to raise a dog for Canine Companions. But, it is also gratifying knowing the impact these service dogs will eventually have on a person with a disability.”