Puppy Raising Spotlight: Linda McMahan

a smiling woman next to a yellow lab wearing a canine companions ribbonFor her, the experience of handing off the leash of the puppy she raised to the recipient at a graduation ceremony makes her time, dedication and energy worthwhile.

“I love all aspects of puppy raising,” says Linda. “To watch those little miracles grow and mature; to see them thinking about performing a command; to experience that light bulb coming on for them; to watch them accompany you into the world and knowing they are ready to move on to their next journey; and most of all, to experience handing over that leash at graduation.”

Linda is currently raising a yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever cross named Jam, who is gearing up to enter professional training at the South Central Region. Each Canine Companions puppy has an important job ahead, and Jam is all set up for success, thanks to volunteers, like Linda.