Luke and Ruff

child sitting with Canine Companions service dog

Luke has Down Syndrome, creating cognitive and physical delays. Staying on task, speech and socialization are difficult for Luke. After being matched with Skilled Companion Ruff, Luke is making great strides. “It’s more difficult for Luke to speak clearly. He gets anxiety over simple things, but Ruff knows exactly how to help him cope,” shares Jane, Luke’s mother.

Luke has learned to give commands in a clear voice and stay on task thanks to the extra motivation Ruff provides. In addition to the life-changing support, Ruff is also a constant companion to Luke. Every day when Luke gets home from school, Ruff is there to eagerly greet him.

With Canine Companions assistance dog Ruff by Luke’s side, the sky’s the limit. “I love him so much,” Luke says.

In the video below (credit: The Dodo), you can witness the amazing partnership between Luke and Canine Companions assistance dog Ruff.