Jean and Chanler

person and Canine Companions service dog

Jean was born with severe hearing loss. Although she usually wears two powerful hearing aids, she cannot hear anything without them.

Jean always viewed herself as very self-reliant. “I was initially very hesitant to apply for a dog since I am very independent. I felt that an assistance dog was meant for someone much more in need,” said Jean. But Jean applied anyway.

Jean was matched with Hearing Dog Chanler. Chanler’s job is to alert Jean to important and sometimes life-saving sounds in her environment. “The skill with which Canine Companions instructors matched each human and dog team in my class was amazing. Each team was a perfect fit,” says Jean. “Chanler is playful, affectionate and a diligent worker. He aims to please and takes pride and joy in alerting me to sounds every day. He has proven to be the perfect match for me.”

Now Jean has peace of mind, knowing that Chanler will alert her to the fire alarm, someone knocking on the door or the stove timer going off. “It’s amazing how safe and secure Chanler makes me feel. He is my constant partner and serves as my ears,” states Jean.