Izzy Always Has a Friend in Aurora

a young girl in a head wrap sitting in a wheel chair hugs a black lab in a blue service vestFor 11-year-old Izzy, a special dog named Aurora has been a game changer. Izzy is living with brain cancer, which impacts many aspects of her life, including her balance and walking. While it can be hard to use a walker and attend many taxing doctor’s appointments as a kid, Izzy isn’t alone. In 2022, Izzy was matched with Service Dog Aurora, a perfect fit and a loyal best friend.

“Aurora has brought joy to our family, especially Izzy,” says Alana, Izzy’s mom. “It has been such a gift knowing that Izzy always has a friend – even the littlest things, like not sitting in the backseat alone.”

When Izzy decided to go back to school this year, her biggest concern was leaving Aurora all day. But, Aurora isn’t left behind. She comes for drop-off and pick-up, always so excited when Izzy gets in the car. Aurora is trained to help Izzy pick up items she has dropped, open doors so Izzy can get through with her walker and so much more. More than anything, she’s always there for Izzy.

Alana says that Aurora has changed their lives: “Aurora takes pressure off some of Izzy’s physical differences, as well as all our appointments, that no 11-year-old should have to face. Already, we see their bond is amazing.” With a love connection in Aurora, life seems more manageable and full of joy and love.