An InDOMitable Match

A woman in a wheelchair smiles down at her yellow lab service dog wearing a blue vest.Disability inclusion consultant Rosemary McDonnell-Horita of Berkeley, California, had Canine Companions Service Dog Eureka by her side to help her as a child and teen. A few years after Eureka’s retirement, Rosemary applied for another service dog to help her in adulthood.

In 2022, she was matched with Service Dog Dom, who is expertly trained in more than 45 tasks to enhance her independence. With a wagging tail, Dom picks up dropped items, turns lights on and off, opens and closes doors and more.

“Dom is so good at his job. When we’re home around the house, he’s always waiting to see what I need and is there to help with a task. When I’m in public, I feel safe and confident with him by my side. He even intuitively puts his head on my lap when I’m getting anxious,” shares Rosemary.

Rosemary continues, “I have an overwhelming sense of safety when we’re together. He’s such a good boy.”