A Puppy Named Quincy

Canine Companions puppy

Volunteer extraordinaire

Jane can’t imagine a better place to work than Intuit in San Diego. That’s because the company encourages employees to give back to their communities, and she’s a passionate Canine Companions supporter in many forms — volunteer, donor and fundraiser — all in addition to her full-time job.

Jane has had golden retrievers of her own for over 26 years. In 2016, her golden retriever Quincy passed away from lymphoma. She decided she needed to get involved with something to keep her mind off of losing Quincy, so she started raising money for DogFest San Diego. Jane made a goal of raising $5,000, but then found out if she raised $10,000, she could name a puppy.

Jane was very motivated and raised over $12,000. She submitted her request to name a puppy Quincy and it was accepted! Jane was lucky enough to meet puppy Quincy, coincidentally, a fluffy Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, at just 8 weeks old when he was picked up by his puppy raiser, Lisa. A friendship between Jane and Lisa formed, and Jane has been able to see Quincy grow up.

Fundraising with a mission

But Jane didn’t stop there! Last year she put together a DogFest team with friends and coworkers at Intuit. Together they raised over $27,000!

Jane shared her passion for our mission with co-workers, and the San Diego Intuit office is looking forward to DogFest San Diego 2018 on September 9. Intuit also recently raised funds and awareness for Canine Companions during several events, including volunteering to beautify the Southwest Region campus.
We are so thankful for supporters like Jane who help get others involved in a major way.