Text Transcript – What Makes a Good Working Dog Video

Kyle Morrison is speaking:

I grew up with dogs my whole life. I used them for hunting. And hunting for explosives or hunting for other animals is very similar. I wanted a dog that’s good with people that I can work, large venues around, large gatherings of people. So that’s– that was very important. That he be social. I’m with him 40, 50 hours a week while working and also at home. He’s in my house. So at home he’s just like my other dogs. He’s free in the house. Obviously we need that relationship because I need to know if he’s how he’s working that day. We use the term “it runs down leash.” So he senses if I’m stressed or I’m upset. It runs right down the leash to him. So it really is a dog team.

Shelby Smith is speaking:

Canine Companions actually matches them for us. So they matched Picasso and I based on what they thought was the best fit and how he would work for me. They got it right (LAUGHING). That’s for sure. Picasso to me is just more than independence, he’s my best friend. He’s somebody and lean on, depend on to get through daily challenges that comes with having a disability. So he’s just my whole world.