Text Transcript – Housetraining Video

Hi, my name’s James Dern. I’m an instructor here at Canine Companions for Independence. This is Kayla. She’s a 20-month-old lab. Today, we are going to be talking about house training. Let’s get started.

In this video, we are going to be covering these points. A crate is a safe and comfortable place for your puppy to go. The size of the crate is important. Develop a feeding and water schedule to help your puppy success. Anticipate and observe when toileting your puppy. Be sure to know what to do when your puppy has an accident.

A crate is a really important tool. It’s a safe and comfortable place for your pet to go when you can’t watch them. Dogs really do enjoy being in a crate, they’re den animals. They enjoy sleeping in a small space. Crate training, takes time, patience, and practice. Nice. Once you have a crate trained dog, I promise you’ll never go back. Making a really positive place. Be sure to put some toys in the crate. Feel free to feed your puppy in the crate. Put them in your house where there’s a lot of household activity and puppy you can still be a part of the family. The size of the crate is important. Having a crate that’s too big will cost the dogs toilet in the crate. Having a crate that’s too small is definitely uncomfortable for the dog.

When you’re first crate training your dog though probably bark and whine and the first thing you’ll want to do is just to let him settle down on their own. So when they’re calm and relaxed, you can let them out of the crate. The most important thing that will help your dog be successful especially for toileting, is to have them on a good schedule feeding and watering. The dog should be toilet at least every four hours and not left in the crate for more than that. When you’re working with a puppy they can’t hold their bowel or bladder. So if you can’t let your puppy out after four hours. Be sure you arrange for somebody to come by and let them know.

When you’re taking your dog out the toilet. Pay attention to what the dog is doing and remember to praise them for things that you want them to do. If you’re training them to toilet on a leash, be sure to praise them when they go. When your dog has an accident, don’t freak out. Best thing to do is just clean it up. Dogs are truly live in the moment and will not understand when they’re being punished for toileting in the house. When you have an appropriately house trained puppy, you’ll have a dog but you can limit. For more tips for your extraordinary puppy go to www.puppystart.com/cci.