John Sabo, Treasurer

A smiling man sitting next to a yellow lab wearing a blue canine companions vest

John Sabo is no stranger to Canine Companions. In fact, he and his family can be seen most Friday mornings promoting our organization on Pittsburgh Today Live.

The list of ways John, his wife, Jill, and their son, Jack, support Canine Companions is endless. The family is currently raising their fourth puppy, future service dog Donny, whose training and progress is tracked each week on PTL.

It was a fundraising event held by the Sabo Family, in coordination with the Western Pennsylvania Volunteer Chapter, that helped propel the North Central Region past its DogFest 2022 fundraising goal and set a new world record in the process. From snagging front-page coverage on Pittsburgh Magazine, to hosting informational events and presentations, the Sabo Family has continuously worked to promote Canine Companions in their community.

As vice president and general counsel of health care company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., John brings a valuable perspective to Canine Companions. He officially joined the Board of Directors in October 2022 and continues to provide leadership and professional input that is highly valued.