Cathy Fischer, National Board Member

a smiling woman on a bench sitting next to a yellow lab service dogCathy Fischer has been involved with Canine Companions for over 20 years, when she and her husband Marty were invited to attend the Tales & Tails Gala at SeaWorld Ports of Call in Orlando, FL. That event was the beginning of Cathy’s journey with supporting Canine Companions and the mission.

Cathy is Senior Vice President of Parks Global Merchandise for Universal Destinations & Experiences. She has been with the company for 25 years and her team is responsible for designing and developing the merchandise for all retail stores in the Universal Theme Parks across the globe; LA, Orlando, Japan, Beijing, and Singapore, including future Parks and Experiences. Cathy serves on the Universal Orlando Volunteer Board of Directors, is Past Chair and was recognized several years ago, with the Universal Orlando President Volunteer of the Year award.

After the introduction of Canine Companions during the gala, Cathy has been actively involved with supporting the Southeast Region through various volunteering efforts with her team as well as her family. Cathy and Marty are long time puppy raisers, currently raising their 12th dog and actively involved with the Orlando DogFest and Tales and Tails Gala committees. Cathy has been on the SER Board of Directors for 12 years, as Past Chair and currently leading the SER I&D Committee. Cathy was the recipient of the 2017 Jack Warnock Award.

As Cathy states: “Marty and I knew immediately when attending the gala and our first graduation, that we found our passion and purpose with Canine Companions. We advocate and share our stories with everyone we meet, even while on vacation, as you never know when you will make a connection with someone who wants to support or needs one of our dogs. We have also enjoyed meeting and welcoming the recipients of our puppies into our extended family.”