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Hill Country Volunteer Chapter

Canine Companions
South Central Region


The Hill Country Volunteer Chapter was established in 2023 after many years of being a Canine Companions Group.  Our chapter serves the I-35 corridor and surrounding areas from Waco to San Antonio and consists of volunteers, puppy raisers, and graduate teams who actively work to support and further the mission of Canine Companions. 
The mission of the Canine Companions Hill Country Chapter is:    
To raise successful Canine Companions puppies and, through advocacy and public outreach in the Hill Country region, support Canine Companions efforts to increase public awareness and understanding of expertly trained service dogs and service dogs-in-training. 

The goals of our volunteer chapter are to:

  • Raise successful Service Dogs.
  • Increase public awareness of the Canine Companions mission.
  • Recruit individuals who are enthusiastic about raising future service dogs.
  • Show support to all who share passion for the mission of Canine Companions.
  • Provide financial support for Canine Companions through fundraising.

The Hill Country Chapter is proud to be part of the South-Central Region of Canine Companions, located in Irving, Texas. There, the Baylor Scott & White – Kinkeade Campus offers ideal facilities for providing professional training for service dogs and preparing clients for their future with a service dog.

Volunteer with the Texas Hill Country Chapter:

The Hill Country Chapter is a well-run organization focused on raising successful Canine Companions puppies and increasing public awareness.  
Our volunteers are dedicated to the tasks they have committed to undertake and feel they have the tools and support they need from the Hill Country Chapter and South Central Region to be successful.  We respect our volunteers and endeavor to leverage their talents as much as possible within the boundaries of their desire, capability and willingness to serve.  
As enthusiastic volunteers of a national service dog organization, we see the impact we have in our communities and the lives of our graduate members.  We are excited to share the Canine Companions story with friends, family and prospective volunteers through community outreach and education events. 
If you share in our passion for the mission of Canine Companions and are looking for a great place to give of your time and energy, we encourage you to get involved with our chapter.  Please contact us about how you can volunteer – we would love to meet you! 
We are always looking for volunteer puppy raisers.  These amazing volunteers donate their time and effort in the care and socialization of future service dogs.  Learn more at canine.org/puppyraiser.


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Texas Hill Country Chapter Meetings

Join us for one (or more!) of our Texas Hill Country Chapter Meetings to learn more about how you can get involved with the chapter and support the mission of Canine Companions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Kendra Scott Fundraiser – Nov. 3

Shop at Kendra Scott at 1701 S. Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas on November 3 from 5 – 7 p.m. Use code GIVEBACK-EZWZG online, or checkout in store and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Canine Companions.


Events in the South Central Region


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