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Diamond Volunteer Chapter

Canine Companions
South Central Region


The Diamond Volunteer Chapter was established in 2022 after many years of being a Canine Companions Group.  Our chapter serves the entire state of Arkansas and consists of volunteers, puppy raisers, and graduate teams who actively work to support and further the mission of Canine Companions.

The goals of our volunteer chapter are to:

  • Grow volunteer chapter membership by raising public awareness of Canine Companions.
  • Recruit individuals who are enthusiastic about raising future service dogs.
  • Maintain a vibrant, positive presence in the community by giving presentations and demonstrations about Canine Companions.
  • Show support to all who share passion for the mission of Canine Companions.
  • Provide financial support for Canine Companions through fundraising.

The Diamond Volunteer Chapter is proud to be part of the South Central Region of Canine Companions, located in Irving, Texas.  There, the Baylor Scott & White – Kinkeade Campus offers ideal facilities for providing professional training for service dogs and preparing clients for their future with a service dog.


If you share in our passion for the mission of Canine Companions and are looking for a great place to give of your time and energy, we encourage you to get involved with our chapter.  Please contact us about how you can volunteer – we would love to meet you!

We are always looking for volunteer puppy raisers.  These amazing volunteers donate their time and effort in the care and socialization of future service dogs.  Learn more at canine.org/puppyraiser.

Learn more about volunteering opportunities.


Diamond Volunteer Chapter Meetings

Join us for one (or more!) of our Diamond Volunteer Chapter meetings to learn more about how you can get involved with the chapter and support the mission of Canine Companions.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Check back for information about 2022 meetings.

Events in the South Central Region


A smiling woman next to a yellow lab in a blue service vest


Tracey Zeiner

Tracey graduated with Facility Dog Nibs on Valentine’s Day 2014. She began volunteering in 2017 after meeting Puppy Raiser Micaela with Canine Companions Puppy Gibson & Susan Bradshaw/Fawn Borden with Facility Dog Barb. Tracey is an occupational therapist of 30+ years and currently teaches at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education, School of Occupational Therapy. Nibs works with Tracey to teach health care students how to work with dogs in a therapeutic setting, as well as teaching distinctions between service dogs, ESA, & pets. Tracey has served as the president of the Diamond State Chapter since July 2019 & is thrilled to be leading alongside Susan Bradshaw as co-president & the rest of our amazing team!

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Susan Bradshaw

Susan graduated with Facility Dog Barb on February 12, 2016. They, along with Fawn Borden, were the first courthouse facility dog team in AR. After discovering Puppy Raiser Micaela and Facility Dog team Tracey Zeiner & Nibs on campus of the University of Central AR in 2017, they formed a Canine Companion group to gather with other teams and support the mission of Canine Companions. Susan is the Program Manager for the PAWS for Justice program through the Office of the Prosecutor Coordinator. Barb works with Susan and Fawn to assist individuals as they navigate the criminal justice system. Susan is thrilled to be leading alongside Tracey Zeiner as co-president & the rest of our amazing leadership team!

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Graduate Liason

Sherry Bowley

Sherry began volunteering with Canine Companions shortly after being paired with Facility Dog Mitchell V. in November of 2019. Sherry serves on the Welcome Waggin’, and Events and Community awareness for the Diamond Dogs. Sherry and Mitchell work for A Gentle Journey, a mental health facility specializing in trauma. Mitchell’s presence in the counseling sessions has been a great benefit especially for children who have experienced traumatic events. Mitchell makes coming to therapy easier. Volunteering for Diamond Dogs allows Sherry to give back to the Canine Companions community that has greatly enhanced her practice.

portrait of a smiling brunette woman next to a yellow lab in a blue service vest

Puppy Raising Liason

Debbie Byrne

Debbie began volunteering with Canine Companions in 2017. She is currently raising puppy #4, Hooten. Before joining Canine Companions, Debbie fostered dogs for a local animal rescue in Little Rock. She says that for her, puppy raising for Canine Companions is a ministry - combining her compassion and desire to help people with her love for dogs. It's a perfect match! Debbie serves as the Puppy Raiser Liaison for the Diamond State Chapter.

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Social Media Liaison

Savanna Robison

Savanna Robison learned about Canine Companions in 2019 when she met Facility Dog Nibs. She is married to her husband, Jaron, and they have one pet dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Riley. After witnessing the impact a skilled companion can have on an individual, and the smiles Nibs brings to all those around her, she completed the Canine Companions volunteer training. Savanna works at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education.