a row of yellow lab puppies in yellow puppy capes sitting in a field

Wine Country Chapter

Canine Companions
Northwest Region


The Wine County Chapter consists of volunteers, breeder caretakers, puppy raisers and graduate teams from Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake & Marin Counties. Our mission is to support Canine Companions through fundraising and community awareness.


Volunteer with the Wine Country Chapter

We’d love to have you help us share the mission of Canine Companions. Please contact us and someone will be in touch shortly.

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Events in the Northwest Region

Sit Stay Sparkle logo and Canine Companions puppy

Sit Stay Sparkle

Join us for Canine Companions annual Sit Stay Sparkle event in Santa Rosa, CA or Seattle, WA. Hear from our clients and meet their life-changing service dogs, see our adorable puppies and enjoy a delicious dinner. Bid on exciting items in our live and silent auctions, and watch the premiere of the newest Canine Companions short film.

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Laura de Rutte and Canine Companions puppy

Chapter President

Laura de Rutte

I started volunteering for Canine Companions in 2011 as a puppy raiser, along with my two younger children as part of their Senior Service Project. Eight years later I am raising my fifth puppy Archie and have my second breeder Mimosa. Over the years I have served as Santa Paws Chair and Chapter Vice President. I have worked on Dog Fest, served many Team Training lunches, socialized puppies, and done multiple demonstrations and outreach events. I love Canine Companions and their Mission.

Lorrie Clark with yellow and black lab

Vice President

Lorrie Clark

I'm grateful to be a part of the Wine Country Chapter serving as vice president. I am a volunteer puppy raiser. Currently I am on my 3rd puppy, Yardley. Previously I raised Justeen and then Larson. I enjoy getting updates about the puppies I've raised and what they are doing now.

Tasha Haston with black lab and heart


Tasha Haston

I have been volunteering with Canine Companions for 2.5 years. I enjoy substitute dog walking & bathing on Campus and helping with special events. My family's first CCI dog was Nell VII, a black female Lab/Golden Breeder, who is now retired. Upon her early retirement, we made the difficult decision to send her back to her first home with her Puppy Raiser - they loved her first! My family & I are now raising our first puppy - Evelyn V. She's so much fun & keeps us on our toes! It's amazing to watch their growth and see them learning! I am happy to join the Wine Country Chapter Leadership Team this year as the Secretary.

Olivia Ellis with yellow lab

Graduate Representative

Olivia Ellis

My parents and I have been involved with Canine Companions since 2002 when I got my first skilled companion dog. We also puppy raise and I am now on 3rd service dog Raelynn. I really love doing whatever I can for the organization since they have helped me so much.

Leighann Malilay with 2 yellow labs

Breeder Caretaker Outreach & Social Media Chair

Leighann Malilay

I am excited to be the outreach person for Wine Country Chapter Breeder Caretakers. I have been a volunteer and Breeder Caretaker for Canine Companions for Independence for the last 15 1/2 years. My family and I have had the honor of taking care of 5 breeders and their litters and also raising two puppies. We’ve whelped and taken care of a total of 24 litters and over 200 puppies in our home! I’m excited to be on the leadership team again this year and look forward to all the fun we will have!

Barbara Bochner with black lab

Community Outreach

Barbara Bochner

Since mid 2010, we have raised 4 puppies, Eva IV Hearing Dog and Willa VI Hearing Dog, Regal V Breeder and Fondue COC, and we are the Breeder Caretakers for Regal V, who had 36 puppies in her five litters. With my husband Bill, we have twice crossed the country on our bicycles, meeting volunteers and raising awareness for this wonderful program.