a row of yellow lab puppies in yellow puppy capes sitting in a field

Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter

Canine Companions
Northwest Region


The Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter consists of enthusiastic volunteers, puppy raisers and graduate teams from Southwest Idaho. Our mission is to support Canine Companions through fundraising and community awareness.

If you’re looking for deeper engagement as a Canine Companions volunteer, we encourage you to get involved with our chapter. The Treasure Valley Idaho Volunteer Chapter is an extension of the Northwest Regional Training Center. We work to raise awareness, recruit new puppy raisers and volunteers and support one another’s work on behalf of the Canine Companions’ mission.

We are a lively network filled with opportunities for social engagement, from puppy classes to fundraisers. Beyond the satisfaction of doing good work for Canine Companions, lifelong friendships are often formed among chapter members. If you are interested in working with our chapter, contact us. We’d love to meet you!


We’d love to have you help us share the mission of Canine Companions. The Northwest Regional Center is located in Santa Rosa, California, and utilizes hundreds of volunteers.

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Events in the Northwest Region

Sit Stay Sparkle logo and Canine Companions puppy

Sit Stay Sparkle

Join us for Canine Companions annual Sit Stay Sparkle event in Santa Rosa, CA or Seattle, WA. Hear from our clients and meet their life-changing service dogs, see our adorable puppies and enjoy a delicious dinner. Bid on exciting items in our live and silent auctions, and watch the premiere of the newest Canine Companions short film.

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Volunteer Denise Kimpson with young yellow puppy

Chapter President

Denise Kimpson

Email: ccidahopresident@gmail.com

Denise Kimpson has always loved working with dogs. Before having children, Denise was active training their two Golden Retrievers in AKC Conformation, Obedience, and Hunt Test performance. Denise and her family began their involvement with Canine Companions in 2013, when her daughter asked to raise a puppy for a service project. They have successfully raised four females for Canine Companions and are currently raising puppy number five, Joni IV (pictured here). Denise has been the President of the Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter since July 2016.

Volunteer and graduate Lacee Clinger with her yellow hearing dog, Rhenny

Chapter Vice President

Lacee Clinger

Email: ccidahovp@gmail.com

Lacee first heard about Canine Companions from a Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter puppy raiser family in Twin Falls when they came into her place of employment. 4 years later, Lacee was diagnosed with Lupus. She found the puppy raiser card that she was given in her office one day as she was cleaning and decided to apply for a service dog. While she was on the waiting list she was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In May of 2017, Lacee was matched with the sweetest service dog that just happened to be raised in the Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter! Rhanis aka Rhenny was her perfect match and needed to come home to Idaho. Lacee has been the Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter Vice President since 2018.

Volunteer puppy raiser Jan Peterson with black Canine Companions puppy


Jan Peterson

Email: jan.ccidaho@gmail.com

Jan raised her first puppy for Canine Companions in 2005 and quickly learned that puppy raising and working with the supporting Canine Companion community becomes a way of life. The first puppy was followed by nine more. Jan was a founding member of the Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter in 2012 serving as treasurer, and as chair of DogFest Boise in 2015. A retired dental hygienist and flight instructor, Jan currently works in commercial real estate but her passion is working with dogs - especially those that have the ability to change lives.

Volunteer puppy raiser Emily Bartlett with yellow Canine Companions puppy

Puppy Raiser Support Coordinator

Emily Bartlett

Email: ccidahopuppyraiserchair@gmail.com

Emily got involved with Canine Companions when she became a puppy raiser in high school in 2013. Since then she has raised three dogs, with the most recent, Safire, graduating as a breeder. Emily recently graduated from The College of Idaho with a degree in biology and hopes to continue her education by going to veterinary school. During college Emily was involved in a sorority, and held leadership positions within that chapter. She hopes to combine her leadership skills and her appreciation for the work Canine Companions does to support the Idaho chapter as puppy raiser support coordinator.

Volunteer and graduate JoAnna Johnstone with her yellow service dog, Yala

Graduate Support Coordinator

JoAnna Johnstone

Email: ccidahogradchair@gmail.com

JoAnna is the new graduate support coordinator. In 2008 she had a surgery complication that left her a paraplegic. JoAnna enjoyed being a peer mentor for a spinal cord injury hospital for many years. After talking to many people with dogs from Canine companions for independent she applied for a dog and received Yala in May of 2018.

Volunteer and graduate Josiah Sullivan with his service dog, Dwight

Website Administrator

Josiah Sullivan

Josiah is the new chapter website administrator. Shortly after graduating from high school he was in a car accident that left him a quadriplegic. He has been involved with Canine Companions since 2009 when he received his first service dog, Sabrina. In May of 2018 Josiah received his successor dog, Dwight, who enjoys joining him at school assemblies where they inspire students to overcome life’s struggles. Josiah also plays wheelchair rugby for the Boise Bombers and enjoys volunteering at summer camps.