Welcoming Wavey

A special puppy with a special purpose.

Wavey and the Wave 3 TeamCanine Companions is excited to be partnering with WAVE 3 in Louisville to follow the journey of a very special puppy hoping to become a Canine Companions assistance dog. Wavey will be joining the WAVE 3 News sunrise team every Friday morning from 6 – 7. In addition to joining the morning team on Fridays, Wavey will also be joining WAVE 3 for other community events, including the Kentucky Derby.

The very special journey of a Canine Companions puppy begins at birth. Their journey continues as they enter the home of a special and loving volunteer that lays the ground work of being an assistance dog over a year and a half period. Once that time concludes these special puppies begin their journey through professional training with the hope of becoming a Canine Companions assistance dog. Wavey will be sharing this entire journey with the Louisville community as he works to master all he can while with his volunteer puppy raiser.

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