Pensacola TV Reporter Becomes a Puppy Raiser

sleeping tiny Canine Companions puppy
Pensacola, FL

It takes a lot to raise a Canine Companions puppy. So why would Kathryn Daniel, a busy television news reporter, wife and mother in Pensacola, Florida, decide to become a puppy raiser?

Kathryn became passionate about our mission after learning about us and our prison puppy raising program located in a facility not far from Pensacola, FL. After thinking about it, and the time was right for her family, she decided she had to do it to help someone else.
After an online naming contest, it’s fitting that the puppy Kathryn will be raising is named Chappie. Daniel ‘Chappie’ James Jr., was born in Pensacola and would grow up to be a United States military legend and the name reflects the strong military heritage of the city.

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