Facility dog visits children at home to soothe coronavirus anxiety

person standing next to Canine Companions dog

North Arlington, NJ

These are difficult, anxious times for families holed up with small children. Ladd is here to help. The assistance dog normally does his calming and comforting at North Arlington’s Zentai Martial Arts studio. But these days, Allen DePena, owner and operator of Zentai Martial Arts, has been taking Ladd around to his young students’ homes to deliver bags full of slime and coloring pages and crayons. “My idea was for Ladd to go around to the kids and brighten their days,” DePena said. “I’ve had lots of conversations with families who are struggling, who have lost jobs or members of their family.” DePena has Ladd sit on the doorstep while he remains farther back, adhering to social distancing rules.  DePena said he originally was just going to drop the bags on porches, but thought a familiar furry face would lift kids’ spirits more. Click here to visit the NorthJersey.com* website and read the entire story.

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