Drybar Founders Open Their Newest Venture to Rave Reviews

Canine Companions puppy and person kneeling

It’s no surprise that on National Puppy Day, March 23, the founders of Drybar hosted their grand opening of Squeeze, an all-new concept in the world of massage—the simple and easy way to enjoy a high-quality massage experience without the massive price tag.

Alli Webb, co-founder of Drybar, and Brittany Driscoll, the former Drybar VP of marketing’s newest endeavor in the heart of Studio City, California sets out to create “a high-end luxurious feel without breaking the bank.” It starts from the moment you open the app to book your appointment. Everything is customizable down to the scent of your aromatherapy to the temperature of your room to the music in the playlist. And don’t forget the relaxation both before and after your massage where you can enjoy light refreshments including a cozy cup of tea.

How is Canine Companions® involved?

And how is National Puppy Day related to this new self-care wellness concept you ask? When the founders set out to launch Squeeze, they wanted to find a like-minded feel-good organization to partner with and support. They searched high and low and found the perfect organization to align with: Canine Companions for Independence!

Just like Squeeze is dedicated to making their guests feel good and empower them to be the best version of themselves through the healing hands of their therapists, Canine Companions is doing the same for people with disabilities by providing expertly-trained (and amazing!) assistance dogs free of charge along with lifetime follow-up support.

“We are so happy to be partnering with Canine Companions for Independence who, like Squeeze, is dedicated to improving people’s lives,” says Driscoll. “Our combined positive impact is just getting started and we look forward to many years of a feel-good partnership.”

Another reason to visit Squeeze

For every membership sold, Squeeze is donating a portion to Canine Companions to help provide a day of support to a person with a disability. The Squeeze team will also be participating and volunteering at local events throughout the year. And, last but not least, they’ll provide puppy time! Periodically throughout the year, Canine Companions will bring puppies to their shop to brighten the days of their staff and customers.

While Squeeze has their first, and currently only, location in the Los Angeles area, rest assured says Driscoll, who explained that they “hope to be a national brand sooner rather than later” thanks to their intention to go the franchise route.

Interested in becoming a Canine Companions corporate partner? Check out our Corporate Partners page for more information.