Dogs! A Science Tail Exhibition at the California Science Center Features Canine Companions for Independence®!

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The world premiere of the California Science Center’s exhibition Dogs! A Science Tail, featuring Canine Companions, was unveiled on March 15 during their 21st Annual Discovery Ball in Los Angeles. We are excited to be a part of this traveling exhibition that explores the science behind the bond between humans and dogs, and how we are both wired for social connection.

Now open to the public, you’ll enjoy daily live demonstrations of working dogs in action, like Canine Companions assistance dogs. (Subject to availability)

Let curiosity be your guide and discover life from a dog’s point of view! Explore the way a dog sees, hears, and smells the world through fun and engaging hands-on exhibits. From lovable companions to loyal protectors, dogs live and work alongside us. Dig up the science beneath our enduring bond in this unique 9,000 sq. ft. exhibition for humans. And don’t miss the live demonstrations of work and rescue dogs in action!

“I was honored to represent Canine Companions as part of the advisory committee for this exhibit,” says Dr. Brenda Kennedy, DVM MS. “I was able to share both my veterinary expertise and research insights, as Canine Companions has a long history of doing collaborative research projects with leaders in the field of dog science.

“One area of research Canine Companions is particularly focused on is canine cognition, where we are exploring how dogs think and problem solve. A lot of what we learn is interesting to dog owners in general, but Canine Companions is specifically focused on identifying cognitive abilities that are linked to success in assistance dogs,” Dr. Kennedy shares.

Since 1975, Canine Companions, the first and largest non-profit provider of expertly-trained assistance dogs, has provided more than 6,000 assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities. The assistance dogs are trained in over 40 commands to enhance independence and confidence. Canine Companions assistance dogs and ongoing support are provided entirely free of charge to recipients.

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