Canine Companions® CEO Paige Mazzoni Appointed to Air Carrier Access Act Advisory Committee

Paige Mazzoni with Canine Companions service dog

Canine Companions’ CEO Paige Mazzoni’s appointment to the Air Carrier Access Act Advisory Committee is a significant step forward for the organization’s advocacy goals. With ongoing advocacy efforts to protect access and independence for Canine Companions graduate teams as well as other service dog users, this appointment will ensure we have a voice for all service dog users.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) governs the policies and laws around airline access for people with disabilities, including service dog handlers. Canine Companions has previously offered public comment on proposed policy changes for individual airlines and on the ACAA itself.

“As the leader of the first and largest provider of service dogs for people with disabilities, I am honored to accept the appointment to the Advisory Committee,” says Paige. “Canine Companions has a breadth of knowledge and experiences through our graduate teams and professional trainers. Having a seat at the table in an advisory capacity will be mutually beneficial for us as leaders in the service dog industry and for the committee.”

The ACAA Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the Secretary of Transportation on issues related to the needs of passengers with disabilities in air travel. The Committee meets at least twice per year and Paige is dedicated to providing our organization’s unique perspective on disability and traveling with task-trained service animals.