Assistance Dogs Working Overtime During Coronavirus

As more people stay at home, Canine Companions assistance dog are working overtime.

person with computer on lap and Canine Companions service dog sitting next to them
Greenville, South Carolina

Disability doesn’t disappear during times of crisis, and the mission of Canine Companions® continues to provide expertly trained assistance dogs and ongoing follow up to people with disabilities, at no cost to clients. And having that extra help there without having to ask another person to come help them is such a benefit for our clients to have, especially during a shelter in place orders.

For Josh Steadings, it’s more than just having a helping paw. It’s having a friend with you during quarantine and beyond. “There’s always that buddy there with you,” Steadings said. And with 400 people still on our waiting list, Canine Companions trainer Robyn Bush must continue training at home to continue to serve people like Josh.

Watch this news story to learn more about our efforts to keep our mission moving forward.*

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