Art Under Quarantine

painting next to a person
Long Island, New York

Long Island artist Yvonne Dagger is known around the world not only for painting stunning works that have been featured on The Ellen Show and the cover of Dan’s Papers, but also for mentoring the beloved four-legged painter Dagger DogVinci. She reflects on her and Dagger’s time creating art under quarantine.

How have the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing changed your art-creation process?

This has been a very challenging time for everyone. As an artist, I’ve used my creative ability by connecting with many people through social media. I find that technology has helped me be creative during this virtual time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have not abandoned my ability to use my paintbrush and various media whenever I can and feel the urge to. It’s just that I feel the great need right now to do both.

What makes my day-to-day unique is that I live with another artist, and, surprisingly, this is a non-human, canine artist. His name is Dagger DogVinci, and he is a Canine Companions for Independence released dog. Dagger is so famous that collectors of his artworks live all over the world. He has even shown his artworks in places as far away as Paris, France! He has won the prestigious Best of Long Island Painter/Artist three years in a row now. Dagger and I, as a team, go to libraries and schools all over the island giving DogVinci Workshops teaching about art and painting and demonstrating Dagger’s painting skills with the message of education and community service.

Of course, since the “Stay Home and Stop the Spread to Save Lives” guidelines were put into place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life as we knew it has changed so much for Dagger DogVinci and I as artists. As a result, we have opted to work full-time in our home studio. We bring Dagger to his fans and followers through social media now. In many ways, we are tremendously blessed to have the ability to stay working and connected to our creative community. Click here to visit the Dan’s Papers website and read the entire story.*

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