National Estate Planning
Awareness Week

National Estate Planning Awareness Week is from October 15 -21!

Do you already have a will in place? If not, we’ve got you covered.

Canine Companions believes in the importance of estate planning when it comes to protecting your loved ones and the causes you care about. We get that it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. That’s why we’ve teamed up with FreeWill, a user-friendly online estate planning tool that won’t cost you a dime.

If you are ready to start your plan, click on the button below to access FreeWill.


What is FreeWill?

FreeWill is an online estate planning tool that allows you to create or update a legally binding will or trust.

Do I need a Will or Trust?

A will or trust is important for everyone and can be useful regardless of estate size. Having a will or trust ensures that your wishes are known, saving your loved ones the stress and costs of wrapping up your affairs without knowing your wishes. 

Why is FreeWill free?

Your access to FreeWill is supported by Canine Companions. While many supporters who use FreeWill include a gift to support Canine Companions, your ability to use Freewill to create a plan does not require a gift. It is truly free.

How do I create my plan using FreeWill?

FreeWill provides a simple, intuitive and efficient way of creating an estate plan. You start by answering simple questions about you and your situation. After working through the presented questions you will receive a PDF document to download and print along with instructions about how to legally execute your will or trust.

Will the documents I create comply with my state’s legal requirements?

Yes! With the help of top experts from across the country the estate planning products offered by FreeWill were designed to comply with each state’s legal requirements.

Do I have to finish my will or trust in one sitting?

No. You can always come back later to complete your document(s) or return to update them if you want to make edits.

What will FreeWill do with my data?

Nothing! FreeWill never sells your personal data to third-parties.

Still Have

FreeWill’s online platform offers a range of resources and tools to guide users through the estate planning process. With step-by-step instructions, users can create a will or trust, appoint guardians for their dependents, and even leave charitable bequests to organizations like Canine Companions.

We are also happy to answer your questions.

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