Funds Raised So Far: $16,300,000

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We have opened our doors to a new campus and we need your support.

On October 8 we hosted a grand opening for the new North Central Campus that houses over 54,000 square feet of space. Your help is needed as we continue to furnish our new dorms and canine center. Please help us support more puppy raisers, graduates and volunteers in our new home.


Tour our New Campus

As part of Canine Companions’ strategy to serve more people with disabilities, we’re excited to have a campus that will create more life-changing matches for the North Central Region. The campus is home to 16+ acres and includes guest rooms, enhanced kennel facilities, community spaces and a welcoming campus for everyone.

Administration building - white building with grass and parking lot

Administration Building

• 6,910 sq/ft
• Office space for 19 employees
• Volunteer workspace
• Conference rooms
• Gift shop

Schulz Canine Center - white buildings with green grass

Schulz Canine Center

• 17,088 sq/ft
• 1,733 sq/ft of training space
• 5,042 sq/ft of play yards
• 48 Kennels
• Veterinary clinic
• Radiology suite
• Grooming spa
• Designated puppy space

New Leash Hall - white building with green grass in front

New Leash Hall

• 30,949 sq/ft
• 16 Accessible guest rooms
• 4,741 sq/ft of training space
• Accessible kitchen
• Outdoor play yard
• Community/gathering space
• Kids area

Watch The Future Take Form

On April 3, 2019 we broke ground.
Kennel floors poured in May 2019
Kennel Building November 2019
Kennel Building November 2019
Training Living Building September 2019
Training Living Building September 2019
Training Living Building December 2019
Back of Admin Building December 2019
Front of Admin Building December 2019


Stories of Independence

Brandon and Kary Portrait
Brandon & Kary

Brandon & Kary

“I look back on my past 19 years with Canine Companions, and I wouldn’t trade my memories for the world. At the same time, I also look forward to the next 19 years and beyond with this new Facility. I look forward to the memories that I am going to be able to make with future dogs, future recipients; with all the trainers and all the staff of Canine Companions.”;

Born without arms and legs, Brandon was matched with his first assistance dog at the North Central training facility more than 20 years ago. Since then, Brandon has had three Canine Companions service dogs by his side throughout the most important moments of his life.

“My dogs have been with me every step of the way and help me live life to the fullest — from high school and college to my wedding and the birth of my daughter,” Brandon said “For the past 20 years I have had a Canine Companions assistance dog right by my side making sure that I was ok and taken care of. Whatever I needed, they are right there to jump in and help. That is something you can’t put a dollar sign on; that is something that is un-measurable. The ability, the piece of mind, the independence; I cannot thank the Canine Companions staff enough, not just for my independence, but everybody else’s independence. It is a life changing journey and I am looking forward to the years to come.”

Help us serve more people than ever before by investing in our future.

Bob and Connie smiling with dog
Bob & Connie

Bob & Connie

“The center we have now is like having a size 10 foot and cramming it into a size six shoe,” shared Connie. Bob continues to say, “The new campus will help us as volunteer puppy raisers by having a facility that is easier to get to, bathe the dogs and get them ready to come home with us and begin their journey to hopefully become an assistance dog.”

When Bob and Connie decided to raise puppies for Canine Companions, they had no idea how rewarding the experience would be. Despite the hard work, they both believe it’s been one of the most fulfilling experiences of their lives.

“There’s something about volunteering that is amazing on a human level,” said Bob. “It’s incredible to see so many frowns turn into smiles — just because you have a dog with you.”

While they’ve treasured their experiences as volunteer puppy raisers, they say nothing compares to knowing they’re helping change someone’s life.

“When you see a dog you’ve raised helping someone gain independence, it’s all worth it,” said Connie. “It’s the ultimate reward.”

Help us serve more people than ever before by investing in our future.

Portrait of Dr. Rex Riggs, DVM & Nancy
Dr. Rex Riggs, DVM & Nancy

Dr. Rex Riggs, DVM & Nancy

Dr. Rex Riggs, DVM, and Nancy, have been actively involved with Canine Companions for almost two decades. They have done everything from volunteering on campus and serving as regional board members, to donating on an annual basis and providing veterinary services to our dogs in professional training.

Having made their first donation in 2003, Rex and Nancy’s commitment and financial support to Canine Companions has continued to grow. Most recently, they made a significant contribution to the national capital campaign to build a new campus for the North Central Region. Their gift gives them naming rights to the new veterinary clinic on campus — something very close to their hearts!

“The benefits of a new campus are immeasurable — a centralized area for all aspects of the work where the graduates can ‘live’ together under one roof during the two-week training sessions,” explains Rex. There have been so many great memories through the years — graduations, Team Trainings, meeting with volunteers, graduates and staff. The Riggs have witnessed and contributed to the many lives that have been changed because of our expertly-trained assistance dogs. “The impact these special dogs have on both children and adults with disabilities is amazing,” says Nancy.

Help us serve more people than ever before by investing in our future.


The Power of Independence

Canine Companions for Independence is the most highly acclaimed and accredited assistance dog organization in the United States.

Our unique and proven team training sets us apart by ensuring the match between dog and human is powerful and lasting.


of hearing dog recipients report increased feeling of safety or peace of mind.


of facility dogs recipients report increased willingness in clients to participate in activities.


of skilled companion recipients report increased well-being.
map of Canine Companions North Central campus

Thank you to all our generous donors for investing in our future. Currently we have received over $16 million in gifts and pledges towards our $19.6 million goal. Invest with your gift today and you can help build a new campus that furthers our mission.


Be a part of what the future holds.

As part of Canine Companions’ strategy to serve more people with disabilities, we’re excited to open the doors to a new North Central campus. This campus will create more life-changing matches and serve as a welcoming campus for our graduates, puppy raisers, volunteers and community members.

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This is an opportunity for you to help Canine Companions make a difference in the lives of countless future graduate teams. By contributing today, you’ll be investing in independence and helping make a new North Central Campus a reality.