Paige Mazzoni with Canine Companions service dog

Canine Companions® CEO Paige Mazzoni Appointed to Air Carrier Access Act Advisory Committee


Canine Companions’ CEO Paige Mazzoni’s appointment to the Air Carrier Access Act Advisory Committee is a significant step forward for the organization’s advocacy goals. With ongoing advocacy efforts to protect access and independence for Canine Companions graduate teams as well as other service dog users, this appointment will ensure we have a voice for all service dog users.

Canine Companions service dog pushing a push plate next to a person in a wheelchair

Take a Stand Against Service Dog Fraud During National Service Dog Month


Imagine having the independence and peace of mind to venture out into public for the very first time, thanks to a task-trained service dog. Every day, people with disabilities from paralysis to post-traumatic stress, are living fuller and more independent lives thanks to their service dog.