Andy: A Dog’s Tale 

An adorable puppy named Andy is capturing hearts in a new film, “Andy: A Dog’s Tale.” It’s impossible to avoid falling in love with the inquisitive, fluffy, yellow Labrador puppy in the first seconds of the film as his story unfolds. This animated short, which chronicles Andy’s journey to become a service dog, was directed by Jamy Wheless of Ignite Animation and made possible by Executive Producer Jean Schulz, Canine Companions board member and president of Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. Jamy’s office is just 20 minutes from Canine Companions Santa Rosa headquarters, and he has worked on various animation projects for Disney, including Star Wars Episodes I, II and III, and notorious Pirates of the Caribbean villain Davy Jones.

“I am thrilled to release Andy, a story of a puppy whose journey resonates universally,” Jamy says. “Our furry hero’s bravery exemplifies a deep truth that applies to every human story. Andy faces his biggest fear and ultimately finds his purpose in life —to help others as a Canine Companions service dog!”

“It’s so exciting to finally introduce Andy to the world,” says Jean. “This short will raise awareness around the wonderful work of Canine Companions and is also a joy to watch.”

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the production team over the past three years to make this short film a reality, and for the ongoing support of Jean Schulz in her efforts to showcase Canine Companions as the leader in the service dog industry.

Get your popcorn ready and stay tuned for more on “Andy: A Dog’s Tale.”

Movie poster for Andy: The Movie featuring a cartoon golden retriever puppy in a yellow puppy vest

“Andy: A Dog’s Tale” Film Festival Schedule:

Saturday, March 26 – Sonoma International Film Festival

9 a.m. PT
Sebastiani Theatre, Sonoma, CA
Free Family Film Saturday – No tickets needed.

More screening dates to come!